Maah bst frnd

A best all we need after our family..Guys,we all have many ups nd downs in our daily life bt u knw the bst part is we all can share our every feeling with our bst frnd.😊

Bst frnd knows all the secrets of our life..our gud deeds, our favorites…nd the bst thing is our crush😉.Ur bst friend may act like a devil bt from inside is having sweet side for u..tht make u feel awesome..

So never leave ur bst friend alone bcoz just lk urs u r also a bst frnd of someone.As u r affectionate to ur bst frnd so as ur bst frnd too is having a affection for u..

That person is present for u Everytime in ur happiness, success, failure time nd everywhere to understand ur feelings..

So never leave ur bst friend with them..u will find that u r also special for them yrr..

Enjoy reading this n make ur bst frnd feel special…




12 thoughts on “Maah bst frnd

  1. Your words are now pondering the sweet span of time that I and my friend had shared.
    Nice keep it up
    Be Continue in ur thought and writing.

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