A Cute Heart 💓

We all have studied that our heart is made up of Chambers…but still we made a simple shape💖 of our heart representing love nd affection💑..

Our real n scientific heart can pump our blood…but what i think💭 is tht our emotions is controlled by tht simple heart💝

Emotions which we carry for our special one hmm…hey i m not talking abt ur beloved crush😉 only but feelings which we have for our family👪 nd friends🙋 too..

U knw sometyms many people say tht my heart is made up of iron…. talking abt their studded😎 personality..huh!!!thts not all right at all…our heart is just simply made up of cardiac muscles like others…yaaa bt we all handle our matters in our own way…smtym with love😄,,,smtym with affection😆,,, smtym with strictness😤,,, with rudeness😒…yrrr with many feelings which hv effect on our daily life…
 So guys…pump ur blood bt make ur heart💞.affectionate for others too..so tht u nd urs loved ones😘😘 heart will remain healthy nd hppyyy too💗💗..

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