New language to learn!!!!

Really learning a new language is soo difficult yrr.A language besides ur mother linguaa..

Yaah my new fav song🎶is…despacito…a song which i really didn’t understand.U knw this song makes me to feel relax💗,,to enjoy a new world which i didn’t understand bt want to understand.

See… everyone in this world have a lot of talent or smtym a dream💭 to own something new tht is different from their own world😇😇

A world where they want to be the bst…even they didn’t know tht whyy they wnt it

Even me…i want to learn many languages i only know two to three languages besides my mother tongue hindi..i.e Arabic,English nd urdu,,, a little bit of tamil too guys… But learning a new one lk French,,,,, Spanish,,,,or…i m still thinking to learn which one

So guys👥…enjoy nd fullfil ur all xxtra wishes!!!

A new world🌎 is waiting for u.. 

5 thoughts on “New language to learn!!!!

  1. Mhmm interesting post!!! I loved the thought of learning nd doing every thing possible nd ya you right we should explore this infinite world…Btw am very much into french these days😂😂

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