Wanna spread awareness..

Hey guys..whats goin on???

Hope u all are good..

Posting a blog after a long time coz iam busy with my exams..

As u all know that i have already written a blog on New language to learn whose link is displayed to you https://wp.me/p8WhnL-O

I discussed that we all blogger wanna explore a new world 🌎..in which we wanna be best..our own world..

But guys an imaginary world can be created in our minds in which we can explore so many things that no one else knows except you.. being little practical here..wanna discuss with you about real world our own planet Earth,,,where we live,, where we share this planet with so many known and unknown species that are yet to be discovered,,this planet and all the resources here we all are utilising are passed to us by our previous creatures so its our responsibility too to pass these resources to our future generations

Guyss…have you ever thought how our Earth would like

  • Without plants??
  • Without animals??

Nowadays everytime we are going through so many quotes of planting more and more trees,, Clean city.. Green City!!!

So suppose if we can make change then we should lead a step toward it naa..

Every year on my birthday 🎂 8th September..i used to plant since 2014..so i planted 3 plants tulsi, sunflower and a palm in my own home garden..

Wanna help of you all..if we all plant on our special occasions..or whatever may be the date..at least we are planting we can make a change towards a happy and safe future for our generations.

Fishes,, Amphibians,, Reptiles..all dominated Earth and now passed it to Mammals,, we humans are dominating this Earth now..so it’s our responsibility to passed this to future ones..

So wanna make a change in our lives..wanna be little more conscious about surrounding environment…hope u all will help me out.

Thanks to you all ..Have a great day!!

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